Anthem is one of a kind - a store that sources beautifully crafted, exclusive products from all over the world to provide a unique experience for discerning menswear shoppers.

The store was founded by award-winning menswear buyer Simon Spiteri, the man who put Liberty’s menswear department on the map. Now he is developing Anthem’s fresh approach to menswear with an unrivalled emphasis on quality and originality.

The eclectic range spans from the UK to Japan, Dries Van Noten to 45rpm. Says Simon: “We offer the world’s best denim, distinctive fragrances and remarkable antique and vintage finds."

"Our efforts to source goods from talented artisans who share our love of excellence are relentless.“ Simon adds: “That philosophy of excellence extends to our store. We have designed and sourced every detail, bringing it to life through the skills of local artisans whose craftsmanship gives our product a unique and natural environment.”

Through Anthem's policy of careful editing and selection, we aim to provide our customers with all their wardrobe needs as well as special items that they must just have. Anthem – where the emphasis is always on beauty, craft and inspiration. The aim is give customers a mix of products and goods they won't find elsewhere.